Hope you enjoy recipes and on-the-go food fixes that I’ll be posting!


3/30/2015  – I was in a pizza-kinda mood tonight (for an easy dinner) and ironically found this post on pizza (link below) that I though was interesting. Pizza with a whole-grain crust can be a perfect and convenient vehicle for veggies and a serving of dairy. Watch your sauce and other toppings (like pepperoni) that can add more calories, salt and fat. But, if you bring a healthy twist to your pizza it can be an easy and kid-friendly meal.


2/16/2015  Happy President’s Day!!! Since the northeast is experiencing a long run of cold weather I wanted to cook some warm comfort food today. Immediately thinking of tomato soup and grilled cheese I went to this tried and true recipe for tomato soup from my favorite… Ree Drummond.

Also I invite readers to follow me on twitter, where I also post recipes I’m whipping up from time to time. Stay warm!

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