Happy national farmer day!!

I feel like everyday is national farmer day mostly because my world has and does revolve around farming. Plus taking care of my farmer is never ending! Let me share with you some little things from a farm wife’s view that many don’t know or experience .

1. There is no “laundry day” everyday is laundry day. Trust me when I tell you that dirty farm clothes don’t take long to perfume your entire house.

2. Clean hands. It’s a constant experiment for me to find soap strong enough to breakthrough soiled farmer hands, and find lotion good enough to moisturized through calluses. My husband knows washing his hands is first things first when he gets home ( well after stripping down the work clothes and boots in the mud room). Although he washes his hands constantly they always smell like cow manure. Nothing says I love you more than smelling fertilizer when my farmer holds my head to kiss me.

3. No such thing as Weekends. I work a full time job off the farm and I think it funny how people “count down to the weekend” or “live for the weekend” or even “sleeping in.” It wouldn’t go over well if we told the cows that we are taking the weekend off.

4. Splitting house chores. My farmer keeps his barn ship shape but his house habits are the extreme opposite. With him working 12-14 hour days there isn’t much time left for house chores. After all, the cows come first! Also, another fun fact is that I’m very “particular” ( as my farmer calls it) about my house (that’s right, my house) so I don’t give him many opportunities to participate in house chores anyway .

5. Farmers are first to bed and first up. An on going farm wife joke at social gatherings is; “where did my husband fall asleep.” Give a farmer a warm, dry spot and 5 minutes… And that’s a recipe for a cat nap. Word of caution, farmers are commonly  disoriented when they wake up.

Hope you got a few laughs from my FYI farmer wife facts and if you see a farmer, say thank you! They may be rough around the edges and maybe a bit awkward but they work so, so hard and are some of the smartest, brightest and loving (each in their own way) people I know! Hug a farmer, I know I will 😉🐄


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