Zoodle: the new noodle

Another winner tonight! On the menu was zoodles (zucchini noodles). I haven’t made zoodles much in the past but they have been frequenting my dinners this summer. All you need is a peeler that allows you to get a continuous peel. 

My peeler actually has too thickness options.  
I’ve used both zucchini and yellow summer squash to made my zoodles.

 Always rinse the zucchini (or yellow squash) and slice off the ends of the vegetable before peeling. I usually peel over a strainer so I can rinse the zoodles again afterwards.

Once the zoodles are rinsed they are ready for anything; add to a salad, replace a pasta dish, sauté for a nice veggie dish with some protein. 

A chef’s note: don’t used in a dish that entails a lot of mixing, once the zoodles are cooked they break much easier. 

Finished product. So don’t be afraid to “zoodle up” life! 


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