Family time = Great time

I’m a little late getting this up ( but… better late then never). I had a great last weekend of August and spent it with my family. 

Friday evening I baby sat my nieces (or as my sister calls them the cubs). This included making pizza with my soon to be five year old niece.  

She was a little nervous about the “brown pieces” in the dough until I explain what flaxseed was and that it adds fiber and good oils to our pizza.

Baby Brielle supervised.

On Saturday I attended the great NYS Fair to watch my brothers show their dairy goats (yes there are dairy goats and meat goats). This was a showmanship class which means the kids where evaluated on the cleanliness of themselves and their goat, how well their goat leads and their knowledge about goats (specially the goat they are leading). No my brothers didn’t win but they were towards the top of the class and still received blue ribbons. 

The two with the glasses are my brothers. My brother George has the white goat (called a saanen) and my other brother William has the brown goat ( called a oberhasli).

Finished our day with a butter scripture selfie (and possibly ice cream šŸ™‚

Rounded off the weekend on Sunday learning how the can sauce from my friend Libby (to tame my garden tomatoes, read my previous post to understand).  

I would share Libby’s recipe… But it’s not mine to share. If only you could smell through pictures šŸ˜¦ 

Hope readers enjoyed their last August weekend as did I. 


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