Tomato up dinner!!!

8/26/15 With summer coming to an end (I know…hold back the tears folks) my tomatoes are over taking my garden.  

 Canning sauce and salsa are curtainly on the to-do list however tomatoes have been sneaking their way into most nightly dinners.

Tonight I topped French bread with olive oil, herbs from my window herb garden, tomatoes and I had to fit in some mozzella because I’m a dairy girl.  

     This is just a snap shot of my herb garden (as you can see any container works, the key is little water daily). 

 these tasty appetizers where accompanied by chicken stuffed with veggies (yes including tomatoes) and finished with a cream sauce on top, served with asparagus and green beans.  

As you can image this meal quickly disappeared. 

But don’t forget dessert! I again kept this quick and easy. Starting by tossing berries and fruit together that were lying around the fridge. And… I couldn’t resist dolloping with homemade whipped cream. 

The dairy farmer hubby gave this dinner five stars so I had to share! Enjoy!!! From your dairy farmer RD